May 26, 2010

Playful Pup!

Ive decided that my first Warcaster will be Kommander Sorscha.  Now while she is a rather excellent caster nad pretty tough she can get into trouble. Step in the War hound!.  As soon as i saw this model i knew i had to have it so when i ordered the Mk2 Rulebook and the Khador faction book i had to order the hound at the same time. Today a nice package arrived with my book and the pooch.   After having a good look at him ive decided rather than painting him up like a mastiff as PP have done i decided that he looks a lot like a Rottweiler.  Here's a pic of a rather happy looking Rottweiler. Im using this pic as inspiration to paint the fig.  We will see how close i can get.

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