May 16, 2010

Warmachines' back baby!!!

Warmachine MK2 has been out for a while now but up until Friday i had totally resisted the urge to get into another gaming system.

However at BF HQ and at my local club Warmachine is picking up a fair bit of popularity so i decided i better not wait any longer and went and order the Rulebook and a deck of the stat cards for Khador.

I actually have some miniatures that i brought about 4 years back and never managed to get started on them due to lots of contact work and my gaming interests being pulled in 10 different directions at once!  I figured today was a good starting point for getting something started.

I have a box of the Man O War Stormtroopers that i put together today and airbrushed on a layer of Tamiya Flat Red. (This is a great colour as a base for nice red armour). Once that was dry i added a wash over all the models using VP200 Brown Shade.  This is the result so far:

They don't look like much so far but a few hours more work tonight and im hoping they will turn out ok.
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