May 05, 2010

Small FOW painting contract

Right ive sorted the settings on my new camera and can start posting some propper photos.
To get things started ive just put the finishing touches on a small Flames of War painting contract.  Ive always liked painting Russian tanks so this was a quick contract to do and lots of fun.  The base coat for these miniatures is Tamiya Nato Green airbrushed over a black undercoat. After that i lightened the panels on the tanks slightly and applied very slight highlights on the edges. Once this was done i painted the tracks Vallejo flat brown and then drybrushed them with Vallejo oily steel. Next was the tools and exuasts and then after allowing time to dry i put a coat of black magic wash over the entire surface of the miniatures.  This wash was then allowed to dry fully overnight. The final stage is to apply the decals and apply dirt and rust effects - this is done by watering down Vallejo Saddle brown with alot of water and then apply small patches of this watery mix to anywhere where dirt would naturally build up (its more of a put it where you think it looks good rather than a exact science). This mix takes around half an hour to dry properly so i normally head off to get a drink at this point.  After a drink and a quick game of fetch with my dog Maximus it was back to work - a nice easy final stage, a good spray of Mowana Flat varnish (this stuff is magic - if you havent tried it yet get some!!)

And finially the results.  I hope everyone likes them.  If your out there looking at this please leave a comment and let me know what you think.   

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