June 26, 2010

Thoughts after first few games.


Well today i managed to get in three games of Hordes in a Row. It was great because out of the 4 of us playing we have each decided on a different faction – so i have Trollbloods, Rob is running the Legion, Dan is going Skorne and Chris has taken Circle so we have a good mix.

As we are all just starting out we played basic assassination games at 15pts.

I ran a really simple force 

Madrak, a Mauler, Kreilstone bearer and 3 stone scribes,  6 Pyb Burrowers and 6 Kreil warriors with a caber thrower.

I managed to pull out a win against all three of the guys – the game against Robs Legion was the closest and i think it was luck more than skill that won me the game.  The guys were taking pictures for their blogs so i didn’t bother this time round. All in all great fun and i look forward to next weekends games. Currently only Rob and me have the correct miniatures but the other guys will have their starter forces soon enough. 

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