December 30, 2015

2015 Year in review and 2016 Resoloutions

Well it's that time when every blogger goes and looks at what the said they wanted to do at the end of the year and measures it up against how things turned out.  I know at the start of 2015 i was in a bit of a funk i hadn't blogged much and the first few months remained the same as i changed jobs and ended up working way more hours than id intended.  The last half (Well 4 months) of 2015 haven't been great but rather dwelling on the negative i want to look at the positives.  I got back into blogging in a much bigger way and reconnected with many other great bloggers. I started a YouTube channel and restarted my painting business. Most of all i found my love of painting rekindled in a way that it haven't been for at least 12 months.

Now first of all lets look at what i wrote a year ago:

"Resolutions for 2015 - I hate doing this part as it invariably never goes to plan. I have few goals for this year. I want to do some work on the house and redo our back year and add a Pagola so we can sit outside in summer and still game. I want to work on my Asian themed terrain and do up some nice gaming boards as well as paint up 2 more forces and get the lads playing legends of the rising sun and Ronin (as i love the period) - this may happen through Japanese SAGA. Other than that i will continue to work on my Republican Romans for the big April game of Hail Caesar that is planned (who knows if i can get enough done in 4 months!!!). That's about it. No interest in adding in more games to the mix (ive said this before, but i really don't need new games. I just want to focus on playing what we have already.) But im sure new forces for existing games will be part of the year to come.     I have been using Facebook more and more for posting pictures of my work as it is some much easier than blogging. I need to see if there is a way to blog easier so there is more stuff for you guys to look at."


- So my Japanese project didn't go very far. I still want to do it and i have done up for Japanese themed figures.maybe 2016 will be the year.
- The House redo didn't happen due to lack of money.
- The Republican Roman project was a fizzle - but i intend to try and do them as part of the Painting challenge.
- As for no new game - I added Pike and Shotte - something i dont regret at all and its become a personal favorite.

So safe to say 2015 didn't go as planned on any level. I believe this picture of a red panda face palming sums it up well.

Image result for embarrassed face

So that's what didn't happen what did i achieve. Well I improved my tools. I added a Light box setup and got a new DSLR camera so 2016 should see much improved looking content.

I got a new Kitten to mend the hole left in my heart when my very old friend Jake had to be put down. - this in retrospect was a mistake as Poppy is a fricken nightmare. The least friendliest cat ive ever owned. She has her charms and i cant help but love my fuzzy buddy but she hasn't healed the hole like i wanted.

I painted about 700 points of a Royalist English Civil War Army for Pike and Shotte.

I Started working on a American Civil war Force and rediscovered my love of this period and even started a Blog dedicated to it.

Image result for 2016 resolutions

1. Continue to work on my Pike and Shotte Royalist army. I've enjoyed this project so much i just want to keep adding units to the army.

2. I want to start building a bit of a YouTube following if i can. To do this i need to improve my production values from start to finish. 2016 is the year for it to happen.

3. I really want my painting business to become a full time thing. This may not happen in 2016 but id like it too - time will tell.

4. Now i have a DSLR camera i want to get a couple of extra lenses and go out with Will, Rob Lee and Mark and take lots of cool photos of lots of different subjects.

5. Continue to work on my ACW Confederate force.

6. Get rid of my bad back and leg pain so i can function like a normal human being again.

That's it!! Not to much to ask

So in closing:

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