December 28, 2015

Boxing day Loot

As is often the case i generally take advantage of the boxing day sales and get myself something nice. With this year being a rather rough one i was in need of some retail therapy.

 Normally i save a little each month for half the year and then go out first thing boxing day morning and hit the sales before the shopping masses hit the malls. Unfortunately not working for the last 4 months made this plan slightly flawed. however thanks to a few good painting contracts i still had a little put aside towards what ive been wanting for a couple of years a DSLR camera.  Now that im trying to focus on my miniature painting business i really wanted to be able to take superior pictures of my work as well as doing YouTube videos aimed towards the gaming community.  

Now i fell short cash wise of the model i was thinking of getting the Canon 70D.  I did however manage to have enough (Thanks to a healthy 20% boxing day discount) to get the 750D (Also known in the American market as the 6ti). For all intense purposes the 750D is a consumer based version of the 70D (which is a semi professional camera) but actually has an improved sensor.  Based on all the reviews ive looked at it should do everything i want once i get a external mic and a macro lens.

As im still not on my feet yet i had to order it online and get it shipped. I was most surprised when it arrived the next day. Im hoping to get to try it out with my light booth next week but for now ill just have to be content playing with settings and getting to know all the features. 


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