December 27, 2015

New Bolt Action Tank

Hi Guys

So anyone following the 6th Analogue Hobbies Challenge will have seen my first entry but i want to get the pics up on the blog as well.  I wasn't sure i was even going to have a first entry as i have had a pile of trouble trying to paint for more than 5 minutes at a time. None the less i did finish one project a new tank for my small but slowly growing DAK force for Bolt Action.

Here's a few pics of the sides and front of the tank and then below there are a couple of close up shots. (there is no division marking as im yet to decide which division my force will be representing).

I've found a process that i really like for painting DAK vehicles. Here's a quick overview:

After building the model i give it a spray of Vallejo Surface Primer VP605 Ger. Red Brown.

Once this is set i then spray the vehicle with Vallejo Chipping Medium VP214.

After about a minute of drying time i spray the whole vehicle (apart from the tracks) with Vallejo Surface Primer VP613 Desert Tan.

Now this is where the fun bit begins, taking a tooth pick and wetting the end with water i drag it along the edges in a random fashion - the chipping medium comes away reviling the base colour beneath.

Once this is done i use a watered down wash of Vallejo Model Wash VP513 Marron Brown which i apply randomly over the tank in areas where i want to adjust the colour of the vehicle. Once applied i use a brush loaded with water to pull and push the wash into the areas i want and to dilute it more so the effect you get is a very gentle stain to the original colour. Multiple layers are slowly applied (it took a couple of hours for this part). At the same time i also mix up a very watered down rust effect using Vallejo Panzer Aces VP301 Light Rust and run this down any area where there has been chipping then i use the same technique as before (again this takes a while). You need to keep it very subtle otherwise it just looks wrong.

After that its just boring work painting the tracks and tools etc which i wont bother going into detail here.  

I may do a step by step video on the process which people may find more useful.

Here's  A few in progress shots that i took along the way:

The Base coat.

After the chipping medium and with the main colour applied.

The beginnings of the chipping.

The first of the staining effects (this bit takes a while)

Finally 3 hours of streaking effects and washes and i think ive achieved a fairly realistic effect for a desert tank,  What do you guys think?

Sorry about the poor pictures. My light booth and digital camera decided to play up so i took these off my trusty Nokia Lumia 930 cell phone.

So that's 15 points out of my 2000 for the challenge, now to figure out what to do next.

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