December 17, 2015

Health Update

Hey guys, For anyone who's followed my blog over the last 3 months or so will know ive been off work for a fair while now and have been getting poked and prodded by specialists trying to work out why im having chronic back and debilitating leg pain. they finally worked out whats wrong and today i started my treatment.  A couple of quick shots of cortisone in my lower back this morning has messed me up a bit. (lost most of the feeling in my left leg and my back is actually worse than it was). This made painting impossible today so no nice painted figures for you my watchers -  Hopefully it's only for a couple of days but I'm not sure at this stage. I do have a few projects near completion so hopefully ill get them done soon.  lying in bed i did a little bit of a work on an improved video intro for my youtube vids but it will be a while till i get it done.

hoping im sorted to some extent by the 20th or my start to the 6th Analogue painting challenge will be a non event.

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