November 12, 2015

Another finished Royalist ECW Unit.

Well the title says it all, ive finished another ECW unit, this time the first of four Pike and Musket Regiments.

Overall I'm pretty damn happy with how they turned out as yellow is a pain to paint at the best of times. I think the small amounts of blue in the sashes and pike tassels (which im using as the linking colour in all my units to designate that they are royalists) and in the flag all work well together against the bright yellow and the grey of the pants. Hopefully it will be a really stunning looking unit on the table.

I did have a third Central shot but something went wrong and it didn't come out right. (The lesson boys and girls is to take lots of shots and choose the best!) Something ive heard Will, Rob and Lee say a lot but i obviously forgot!!  Lesson now learned lads!

I'm really keen to hear what you think as i worked on these for a wee while to try and get them right.

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