November 04, 2015

New Light Box Setup

So for a long time now ive wanted a better set up for taking photos of my finished work.  For in progress shots the quick painting table shots i do i think are fine - they are untouched cellphone shots done in-between painting stages.

Now i own an ok Digital Camera - its 12 mega pixel, it has a good flash, it has nice white balance settings and it has a Macro and super macro setting so with proper lighting it can take nice shots. Up until now mucking around trying to move around my painting lights and using my old cardboard light box was just way more hassle than it worth. So 48 hours ago i decided to order a cheap light box setup off the internet - it was under $100 (including the light bulbs) and for that i got the light box and the 3 lighting sets.  The bulbs are 135 Watt cool daylight bulbs and are massive!  The light box itself is 80cm x 80cm and is large enough that i should be able to take some nice army shots as well.

It took a little bit to get set up but once done it produces some really nice results for the few seconds i played around with it.

Now none of the models in the pics are actually finished but they are good enough to show off the results of just have good bright defused lighting that the setup produces.  I imagine with a much more powerful DSLR setup like Rob, Will and Lee have they should be able to take some awesome shots using my setup.  You will notice the background behind the models is cloth.  The setup came with 6 different colours so i tried 2 of the blue ones.  I'm not that impressed to be honest. After talking with Rob he will be helping me to print out a much better background image to put the models on.

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