November 23, 2015

Painting contracts/Followers and youtube videos.

This is one of those posts that asks you my followers some questions:

I'm looking at having a total lifestyle change for my health and sanity.  I want to look at getting my miniatures painting business (The original reason i started this blog many years ago) up and running again with the intention of going full time as quickly as possible.

So to facilitate this change i need work obviously.  My first step towards this is getting more followers and getting my work out into the world more so people know me and what i do.

My first question to you my followers is:  how can i attract more followers to my Blog?  I have noticed that since google + came along people don't seem to follow blogs as much anymore as posts are now shared through google. i think this is great but it does mean you have no idea of how many people are seeing what your posting.

One thing ive been thinking about for a while is adding painting videos.  I'm not sure of a format or what people would like to see - but is this something you guys would like me to do? and if so what would you like to see?

Id love to hear everyone's thoughts and am interested to know if anyone out there is looking for a contract painter at the moment of in the near future. Or if you know someone who is looking for a painter get them to check out the Blog.

Anyways watch this space im going to add up pricing structures in the next few days.

Time to go and try out a few test videos and see what i can do.

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