November 24, 2015

More Historical goodness

Next up on the new Photos of old work is my Crescent and the Cross Militant Orders army.

I had a blast painting this force last year. I love the colours, i love the subject mater - it was just a great project to work on start to finish. The models are all Fireforge Games Plastics.  Its a shame it hasn't had more gaming time as i really like the Saga system. This may be an army the goes up for sale soon simply because its not a game the other lads like to play at the moment.

On to the pictures,

First up the Knights!

The Army General.

Men at arms - unit 1

Men at arms - unit 2

Men at arms - unit 3

Crossbow Unit.

The whole force together.  Overall i think this may have been the nicest force i painted in 2014.

As always guys love to hear your thoughts etc.

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