November 23, 2015

New Updated Photos

Hey Guys

So today i broke out my camera and my new Light Box and started going crazy taking photos.

I decided i would start with my Bolt Action British.

This is an army which i really like. I painted it over the course of 2-3 months near the end of 2014 and most of that was waiting for stuff to be delivered and finding time to do some painting. it was cheap to assemble fast to paint (once i got started), i think it looks great on the table and it plays well too. All in all a total win :)

The models are all Warlord Games except for the Staghound which was from mmm i cant remember - that's embarrassing!. (ill update once i can remember) - now on to the photos.

(Apoligies for the paper lines - i still need to locate a nice clean white surface the right size to use as a backdrop).

The Cromwell - i love the design of this tank. Looking at these photos i realize i still need to do some transfers to finish it off. - welcome to suggestions for unit marking etc. etc...


 The Staghound - as with the Cromwell this one needs unit markings. Love the Staghound, one of the coolest armored cars of the war.

An infantry Squad.

HMG team.

Piat team.

The whole force assembled together.

Tomorrow ill put up some pictures of my SAGA force.

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