November 25, 2015

Welcome new followers and its competition time.

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say a quick welcome to the new people who have joined this blog. Great to have you here.

Now those of  you that have been following me for a while have seen a few changes recently. the blog went from infrequent posts to no posts to suddenly lots of posts. the look and style has changed a couple of times and has now gone back to something very similar to how it looks right back in the very beginning.  The reason for this is im about to start up my miniature painting service again. The changes to the blog are to make it simpler to look at as well as being more functional for people wanting to look at my work and request painting quotes etc. 

 I've started a YouTube channel as well as a store on eBay and also have a Facebook page (which went from 60 hits all of last week to over 3000 hits in the last 48 hours!!!).  These will be used to advertise and sell my work as well as hopefully produce some useful videos like unboxings and painting tips etc.  I have a ways to go but hopefully once i get the hang of it the videos will improve a lot form the tests ones i put up during the day.  All of the feed back you guys have given me here plus the feed back ive received from my Facebook followers and the groups i post in have given me the confidence to start up this business and hopefully the dream of working from home and spending more time with my family will become a reality in a short period of time.  

Anyways on to the competition!

I want to get more people looking at my content so i figured a small competition might be a nice way to attract some more followers.

So onto the details: what im going to do to coincide with the relaunch of my miniature painting service is paint up a single figure on a small diorama like base to the very best standard i can. The level i would do if entering a Golden Daemon or other well known painting comp. The miniature may have upwards of 20 hours spent on it (if not more!!). Once done it will be nicely packaged in a box for safety.  I'm going to give it to one of my blog followers including shipping it to them track and trace anywhere in the world at my own expense as a thank you for watching my blog and also as a way to show what im capable of producing. 

Whats the catch - there isn't one! (well there sort of is).  There wont be a winner announced until this blog gets to at least 120 followers - After all its the point of the competition right. :).

Now im going to run a similar competition on my other blog as well so if your signed up on both you have a chance to win two miniatures (and they will be totally different subjects). For this blog i haven't decided on the subject matter - i may let you guys vote on it!

Now what do you need to do - not much, just help spread the word about the competition, my blog and painting business. Once that Blogger followers counter hits 120, i'll randomly generate a number for each follower and get the computer to pick who is going to win the model. Simple right.

Now it might happen quickly, it might take a while - or it might never happen. no matter what the case is im still going to paint the model and will blog about it and possibly use it as a subject matter for YouTube videos.

Anyways, welcome once again to my new followers and id love to hear what you guys think about the competition. 

Till next time, hope you all have a great week.


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