November 27, 2015

KCS Unboxing - Warlord Games Dragoons

Hi Guys tried out a few things today and thought id give an unboxing a go.  The video is better this time as i have a tripod and mount for my phone now and it makes a big difference.  I think i have too much light(??) and im not sure how good the sound is - trying to figure out how to make my voice a tad louder without annoying my family when im recording something.

As always i really want your feedback. its a massive learning curve for me and although im a painter im not a graphics or sound guy so the intro start is pretty rough till i learn how to improve it.

Hope the unboxing info is slightly interesting. now its time to go back to what im good at painting.

P.S a quick thank you to all the new people who have joined my blog in the last couple of days. And also a big thank you to the people who have already inquired about my painting service. With your help im going to be able to start doing what i love and hopefully start bringing more and more content to you guys.

Till next time.



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